Prayer Request

Kathryn A. Post
June 21, 2011
The ABIM family truly prays because we sincerely care about YOU. Our heart's desire is that YOU experience the love of God through an intimate relationship with Him. He is always there for us, NEVER leaving or forsaking us. He is a true friend that sticks closer than a brother. He WILL make a way of escape when we may feel tempted. He meets our needs and gives us His peace that surpasses all understanding. And the joy of the Lord truly is our strength. We are here for you standing in the "gap" for all your concerns and praising Him with you for the victories because the battles have already been won through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ!!! Hallelujah! Peace and Grace to YOU!
Andrea G. Post
June 10, 2011
Today while I thought I was on the verge of insanity just knowing that you and others were concerned comforted my soul. Its strange how I don't know you, but I love you so much. I know you are a prayer woman. Thank You for your love and prayers.
kathryn a. Post
May 17, 2011
Peace to you Beloved of God. I pray that you no longer struggle as you study & meditate on the Word of God. I ask that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being elightened, ...(see Ephesians 1:17) The Holy Spirit will reveal, just keep asking, seeking and knocking and the door will be open to you. Remember, His thoughts are not our thoughts..and His are much higher (see Isaiah 55:8-9) From Genesis to Revelation, God shall make His ways and will clear to you. Thus empowering you by His Spirit to live according to His Truth. Now, walk in clarity of mind, in Jesus name, Amen. We love!
kathryn a. Post
May 17, 2011
Beloved of God. I thank you always for the opportunity and honor to pray with you and for you. Please know that those things which concern you also concern the heart of God. I agree with the Word of God that as you seek His will, He shall order your steps in every area of your life according to His divine plan and purpose in fulfilling destiny! May the favor, grace and peace of God be with you now and forever. I thank the Lord for you. And I declare His blessings over you and your household. (Numbers 6:24)In Jesus name,Amen. Love you...
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 10, 2011
Dear Apostle Kathryn:

I am a very analytical person and I keep struggling to understand God and his word. I struggle with contradictions in the bible and the interpretations of the church. Please pray for me, for clarity and to walk by faith even if I do not understand or agree.

With Love,
Maria F. Post
May 8, 2011
Hi Apostle Kathryn:

It was a pleasure seeing you again at Women of Vision conference. I just wanted to express how thankful I am for all the prayers and for all the love you have shown to me and my daughter. You made a great impact in the life of daughter, she said your face reflected the true love of God and felt that all the love and affection you showed to both of us was real. Please continue to pray for her, she is waiting to hear from 3 Law Schools yet. Also, I have a family situation that is making me re-evaluate whether I should state here in LA or move to another state. I need confirmation from the Lord on that. I love you very much and I know you will continue to touch hearts where ever you go. God Bless! See you at your next event!
Kathryn A. Post
September 6, 2010
Beloved of God, praying without ceasing is going forth over ALL your requests as we petition our heavenly Father on your behalf. We agree with you according to Matthew 18:18-20 that family & financial needs are being met. We believe & EXPECT God to open up doors for jobs, business, houses, etc. We declare strongholds broken & curses destroyed over your lives. As we are obedient to the will of the Father, every resource is provided to accomplish His plans for our lives & ministries. We declare healing in marriages and all relationships. We decree that sickness and disease is far from you - no longer a part of your life! And we trust God with our children to remain safe and protected and walking in His ways. NOW, Praise God for your BREAKTHROUGHS! In Jesus name, Amen.
PS. We love you...
July 31, 2010
please i want you to pray for me and my family, i have no job, my son is a football but nobody ever called him, thereare many hands following all my family and i need breakthrough. Remain bless
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 15, 2010
Our daughter, Lisa, was brought up in a Christian home, led worship for years, and witnessed effectively at university this past Fall. In December, Lisa began spending a great deal of time with a former acquantance. He is passionately focused on getting into the music business. He asked Lisa to do vocals and keyboard work for his CD. Over time, Lisa began to play and sing in the bars him. Lisa has a great deal of respect for him because they share identical interests and he is professional at each one. Lisa's focus seemed to change from God and school to this boy and his family. His family had a falling out in the church they had attended, and they walked away 2 years ago. He explained to Lisa what had happened that changed their minds about going to church. Lisa seemed to be impacted by his story. Lisa knew people from his former church. Lisa began missing church to attend his sisters' secular events. Lisa has not attended Sunday church in 2 months. Lisa stopped reading her Bible. She has spent a fair amount of time (at least once a week or more) at bars because she enjoys social life so much. Recently, Lisa told me that she questions the validity of the Bible and the personal validity of Christ's death on the cross. Would you please pray for Lisa's friend, his family, and Lisa?
Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 10, 2010
Hi I really injoy your visted here in West Palm Beach,I would like for you to pray for me and my family needs. I'm currently in school trying to better my self I need prayer that I accomplish my goals and I also need prayer for doors to open for me to acomplish my goal.not just for me but for my husband as well. Thank you in advance

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