Prayer Request

Candia S. Post
May 30, 2020
I am in long term hospital and I am believing for a complete healing. I want to go to college and get my degree. I need a miracle for financial aid to be given to me.
Shereese C. Post
May 10, 2020
My name is Shereese Clark and my husband Christian Mckinnon Iím praying that god would bless us with our unemployment benefits money to come through and we get really soon to pay our bills and our rent we from New Jersey we need money to pay bills
Marie A. Post
March 29, 2020
Pray for my sister in law ď ReneĒ and my brother Bobby. They went for a sonogram check up and the baby had no heart beat. As of now the baby is dead in her womb and they cannot give her surgery to remove the baby as of now. Due to some sort of process and the Corona Virus. Itís been about 4 days now and the baby is just sitting in her womb. She was about 4 months pregnant. Praying for their emotional healing and any trauma. Also for a quick miracle surgery to get the baby out.
michael m. Post
July 25, 2019
Prayer for my Family, We are in Financial Distress. Thank you...
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 26, 2019
We're planning to start a Bible Study In our home and I would like prayer for Father Gods'wisdom and guidance to go forth In power and demonstration In the mighty name of Jesus Amen
R M. Post
March 22, 2019

I have a serious health condition because of my teeth. Please pray for a creative dental miracle to happen in my life and for me to survive. Thank you.
Cynthia M. Post
February 5, 2019
The message above is from Cynthia Mossiah.
Thank you all for your prayers
Having left eye surgery on Thursday @ 1:00pm
Itís for the removing of Cataract .
Cynthia M. Post
February 5, 2019
I am asking for prayer , on Thursday afternoon at 1:00pm I will be having cataract surgery in my left eye. I am asking all my ABIM family to keep me lefted up in prayer, I am also asking for the spirit of God to guide all the nurses and doctors hands regarding all that they do to me while I am under the medication that they minister to me. I decree and declare that all will go well in Jesus name. Amen Amen & AMEN ????????????????????
Natalye D. Post
January 9, 2019
I pray for restoration and reconciliation in my relationship. I need prayer for wisdom guidance and understanding for both of us.
Lely B. Post
October 29, 2018
Thank-you for your prayers for my husband. He is having more good days than bad. Praise our Abba Father. God Bless you Alabaster Ministries.
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